Rare psychedelic records

Rare psychedelic records

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15 classic albums from the UK underground, Heavy & Progressive rock!

We fill the void in your collection. Read more. Read more about us.Yes, that might very well involve drugs, but psychedelic music is such that the sounds themselves are illusory and hallucinatory. They exist to take the listener on a journey, to guide them through an unfamiliar landscape of strange and curious sensory delights. But to take on the best psychedelic music presents a strange sort of challenge.

We could have specified that this was a list of the best psychedelic rockfor instance, but that felt a bit more limiting than what we wanted to do. With this list, we had to go entirely on feeling. Answering that question took us into a hundred different directions, whether through metal, electronic, rock, pop or drones.

So for this album, we simply rode that feeling to where it would take us. We assembled our favorites not just on how good the albums are, but how well they capture a psychedelic experience through music. And given how that sort of thing is up for debate, the end result is at once a tribute to the classics and a fairly novel interpretation of the whole thing.

But leaving it open was a lot more fun. So gather whatever shot, chaser or otherwise you prefer with your reading material, and enjoy our list of the Top 50 Psychedelic Albums. British electronic pop outfit Broadcast completed their full transformation from space-age bachelor pad indie rock to captains of their own kaleidoscopic voyage on haha Sound. Now that is psychedelic.

The plight of so many psychedelic musical wanderers in the late 60s period was rocky, but no one soared higher or crashed harder than Syd Barrett. Having by so many accounts lost his confident spark at the bottom of a series of LSD wormholes, he was thrown out of Pink Floyd in early and became more and more isolated.

rare psychedelic records

He immediately set about recording songs for a solo album, a process that did not come easily. The album passed without much concern after its release in the first week of the s, but the decades since have seen trends catch up to it. Stevie Moore or Ariel Pink. Syd Barrett was never more stripped away, his genius never more exposed. Comets on Fire almost literally sound like a ball of flame screaming through space, the heavy doses of delay and fuzz on their blazing heavy-psych anthems making them feel like the band is literally stretching time, as if the music is being experienced in multiple dimensions at once with only a slight latency to differentiate them.

The eponymous debut from the minimalist New York duo of Simeon and Dan Taylor is almost certainly the first American rock record to employ electronics to the total exclusion of guitars. This record took the metal world by storm when it was released in and for good reason; though psychedelia and metal have long been bedmates the inherent psychic heaviness of the dissociative dreamy drone of psychedelia being a common melting point as far back as the proto-metal preceding SabbathOrannsi Pazuzu achieved the dream that groups like Nachymystium and Aluk Todolo had been chasing for years prior.

If we wanted, this list could have been filled with even more contemporary extreme metal records, from Rwake to Atlas Moth to Ruins of Beverast and more. How many drugs can one band take? How many decibels does it take to kill a dog? Legend has it that heavy metal did indeed kill on a fateful day when a dog wandered on stage at a Blue Cheer show. Like most psych and prog bands before them yes, Radiohead is prog; go ahead and me, cowardsRadiohead realized they had to strip something away and decided that between standard pop rock song structures and the artful accoutrements that had previously merely embellished their tunes that it was the former that had to go.

In doing, they made their masterpiece, a brave new path forward in psychedelia. The manipulated plainsong of analog synthesizers and samples reproduce spectral voices and calming rhythms of home, hearth, and school halls of a not-so-bygone age. And many of them strayed far from the more overt heaviness of Red Album and Blue Record. But what they sacrificed in visceral power which was merely subtler rather than absentthey made up for in some of their best, multi-layered, swirling melodies to date.

Even the most knowledgeable and sophisticated selection is fraught with false historicity and misleads, but with all due respect for the effort this is more a list of psychedelic influenced music, not the the core of the genre it was intended to represent which would obviously include 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd. The Beatles. Let the foundation of the genre move on into synth and stop trying to re-imagine what was already done better in the past.

Hypnotic not just good vibrations. It takes you somewhere else with or without drugs. And no Easter Everywhere? You understand that these are major oversights on a list of the best psychedelic music. They should be top 5.Posted on Oct 22, 12 comments. That decade not only produced some of our favorite bands and records of all time, but its influence can still be felt today.

We also enjoy finding the needle in a haystack—those albums we discover that not many people know about—so that we can then share them with you. These guys opened for The Beatles on their final American tour—need I say more? On their debut album, Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers and Mike Ratledge mix avant-garde sound collage with their own heady brand of psychedelic rock. But the follow-up might be even better. Traditional English folk melodies clash with earthy psychedelic arrangements and lyrics about minotaurs, witches, and amoebas, making for a totally unique experience.

Produced by Boettcher in conjunction with future superstar producer Keith Olsen, Begin is the epitome of late 60s sunshine pop with a touch of psychedelia : the album packed full with stacks of harmonies, impeccable arrangements, and earworm melodies. One of the most expensive albums WB had released up to that point sound familiar? Pepper classic, full of exhilarating psychedelic rock, sonic experimentation, and creativity.

Okay, so this one might not be as obscure as the others, but as the inspiration for this entire list, it deserves a spot at the top. Pepper, and it sounds like it. The Mellotron will be your new favorite instrument. Simon Workman has loved rock n' roll ever since his dad made him Beatles and Beach Boys mix tapes as a kid. These days his musical interests have a wide range, though he's still got a strong connection to the music of the 60s and 70s.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram simonworkman. I would put that album in my list of the Top 15, but otherwise pretty much in agreement here. Good job. You seemed to have chosen songs from each album which were similar, and not necessarily the best the album had to offer. But, to each his own! All in all, great job! Really great stuff on this list, but would have liked to seen Kaleidoscope either Tangering Dream or Faintly Blowing, but probably the former. They were AIP contemporaries of 13th Floor Elevators, and actually recorded Power Plant before Easter Everywhere, except their label held it back until after release of Easter Everywhere, so many folks thought it derivative, when it was actually the other way around.

And, the single album by Morgen, fromwhich was truly underheard in its time, but is probably one of the heaviest psych rock albums of its entire era. Great list here. While there are a few throwaway tracks that are sort of goofy and dated, there are others that are stunning examples of the genre. Several on the list I need to check out, thanks for the chance to check out new music to me from a period I admire tremendously.

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rare psychedelic records

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Simon Workman. Dex October 22, Leonardo November 5, Ron November 5, Bren Riley November 5, Alex November 5, Also Tages, Emmitt Rhodes anyone?

Ken November 5, That was fun!By Maribeth Keane — February 20th, Patrick Lundborg talks about vinyl psych and garage recordsincluding the popular artists, the best places to find records from obscure underground bands, and the differences between the psych and garage genres.

It started with just s music, the Beatles and stuff like that, and then I kept on checking out new things and finding new music that was unknown or not very well known that I thought was really good. The Beatles started with the Revolver album inwhich was an influential early psychedelic record. They were definitely one of the most influential psychedelic bands, but psychedelic stuff was just a small part of what they were doing. The psych genre started in The 13th Floor Elevators were one of the early bands, and one of the most important.

The 13th Floor Elevators were based in Austin. Psychedelic culture was more of a West Coast and Texas thing, and of course in England. The bands had these weird experiences and it started influencing their music. You have psychedelic drugs and you have rock music, and when you put those two together, you have psychedelic music. People today think psychedelic is anything with pretty colors and stuff like that, but originally it was a very specific term that referred to a certain type of hallucinogenic drug.

Lundborg : Absolutely. They were mainly followers. We should do something like that. You can hear the influence from the big bands, but these small bands came from small towns. They improvised, and that often made for interesting results. The smaller bands were world-wide.

Hidden Revolutions: 15 Classic Obscure Albums from the Second Half of the ‘60s

For each big band, there were 10 small bands. Golden Dawn is a good band to mention. They came from Austin, the same town as the 13th Floor Elevators. They were basically following the Elevators, but they came out sounding differently.

rare psychedelic records

No one really bought their record, but after a while people started discovering it. In San Francisco, you had a band called Mad River, who are very highly rated today but were almost unknown at the time. In Philadelphia, there was a band called the Mandrake Memorial.

We fill the void in your collection.

Ever since the early s, people have been trying to find the unknown bands and unknown records. For each year that passes, it becomes more difficult to find things that no one has heard of, but it still happens. A typical scenario would be a record collector goes to a flea market or a junk shop and looks through the records. Some are buried under everything else. Once in a while, that record is really good and previously unknown, and then the collector will tell his friends.

Now with the Internet, everything goes much faster. Bands would pay for pressing up a few hundred copies of their record. Often there was no record label involved. The band put it together themselves, either a 45 or a whole LPand then they would sell it locally at concerts and through record stores. The other thing is the timeframe.Most were made during the golden era ofbut quite a few came along later.

Some were clearly acid-inspired, but at least one was made by an artist Prince who never indulged in hallucinogenics. Some fit the classic model of psychedelic musicwhile others are just spiritually related to the scene. All of them are, however, guaranteed to take your head to places it never went before. Let us know in the comments section, below.

Cream were only partly a psychedelic band. Even when they took acid, they were more about playing the blues and improvising. Indebted a bit to both Donovan and The Incredible String Band, this concept album is steeped in nursery-rhyme gentleness and flower-power whimsy. Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker is one of the modern artists doing the most with trippy 60s influences, and his solo recordings reveal the multicolour world inside his head.

Cloud Nine was the album that changed the equation for Motownas The Temptations were joined by new singer Dennis Edwards and the visionary writer-producer Norman Whitfield. It warms our heart that we can include a release on this list of the best psychedelic albums.

With five songs covering a double-album, they leave conventional song structures behind and discover the mind-expanding possibilities of texture and groove, proving you can still find new territory to explore.

Take away the 15 minutes of trippy jamming and the title track is a giddy love song that Ohio Express could have recorded. But, of course, a minute jam is largely the appeal of any great psychedelic album. One of the most audacious and best psychedelic albums ever made, A Wizard, A True Star came out just when Todd Rundgren had developed a reputation as a pop songsmith, and the world expected more of the same.

He delivered this Technicolor mind trip instead. But their Dukes Of Stratosphear alter-ego is also a loving and accurate homage to the best psychedelic albums, and every song here is terrific in its own right.

Working with the cream of Crescent City session men, he came up with a spooky and funky sound unlike any heard before, and created a memorable character to go with it. Around The World In A Day was the Purple Rain follow-up that nobody saw coming, Prince widely expanded both his musical template and his consciousness — with help from Wendy and Lisa, who apparently gave him his first Beatles record. You know an album is timeless when it takes a half-century to be properly appreciated.

But it took decades for most people to hear the rest of the album and realise how beautifully inventive it all was. Because Joe McDonald was a songwriter first, the whole album is wrapped in a tuneful package.

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rare psychedelic records

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Buy rock n roll, a vintage vinyl record from the legendary John Lennon. Get rock n roll by John Lennon. The Beatles - Abbey Road vinyl lp record album for sale.The way I've defined levels of obscurity within a genre is like this: 1st level - bands any general music fan has heard of 2nd level - bands any casual fan of the genre has heard of 3rd level - bands anyone who has dipped their toe into the genre a little bit knows of 4th level - bands known only to those who are pretty obsessively into the genre 5th level - bands known only to those who've really thoroughly researched well into the genre Psychedelic music swept the world in the late '60's, and followed into the early '70's and beyond, but most of the great stuff came out of the UK, and especially the United States.

It was a very fertile period of music fuelled by psychedelic drugs to an extent, but it was also generally a time of discovery, of breaking the rules and wild experimentation as people started to rapidly move away from antiquated beliefs and structures, and this was intimately reflected in the music of the times.

Psychedelic rock is a genre I've loved dearly for many years, and you'll hear me use words like 'classic' and 'masterpiece' quite a few times here, but that's only after sorting through many hundreds of lesser albums, so I don't use the terms casually. The late '60's and early '70's experienced a tremendous musical renaissance, and it was an amazingly rich period of creativity where music really broke loose, took you on an exciting adventures and spawned a treasure trove of gems, many of which didn't get nearly the exposure they deserved at the time.

Here are a dozen of those: Appletree Theater Playback Appletree Theater's sole album Playback is a unique and interesting concept album. Some tracks stand out more than others, but the whole thing is really fun, and when the songs are great, they're really great. Some moments, like the brief opening " I wouldn't think it so bad, they all look so sad, I bet they wish they could fly. It wasn't bad, but above all, it made my head feel small, with history. Who could know, it would be so long ago, and I removed myself from time, and found it interesting.

Side two opens with the elegant "You're the Biggest Thing in My Life," with melodic laid back vocals, superb instrumentation and production that leaves room for a demented fuzz guitar solo.

The instrumental "Lotus Flower" features intense psychedelic backwards music sections sandwiched between more straight ahead sections. There's not much room for this kind of life, there's not much room for us at all. It doesn't take a lot of brain power to find out who influenced the opening track "Jimi.

And then the insane vocals come in. Terry's got a great voice, and he sings in his regular range, as well as falsetto, both with intense power in a way that heavy metal giants like Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford would do soon after. This guy could seriously play the shit out of his guitar, and the soloing and feedback will absolutely fry your brain. The song starts with a slow bass riff, a pleasant drum pattern is added in, and pretty soon there's more of that intense out-of-this-world guitar soloing coming from all directions, along with what sounds like an organ or synthesizer, but is probably also guitar.

The lyrics talk about people who come from the stars who need no words to communicate, and then goes off about finding the angel of the universe a thousand light years away. It would almost be corny if it wasn't sung so damn sincerely and played with such utter commitment. At the 4-minute mark the song picks up steam, with the guitar soloing getting more and more gloriously over the top.

At the 6-minute mark we enter the stratosphere, with sound effects that literally have to be heard to be believed. It sounds like a few dozen light saber battles between the good and dark side of the force doing battle on a cosmic scale.

On the 10th or so listen, you'll realize that the rhythm section is continuing on dutifully in the background, while musical insanity explodes on top of it. For many years, I thought these sounds had to come from some brilliant musician doing ungodly things on a synthesizer, but then a few years ago I had the rare pleasure of speaking to Mr.

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